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Chasing Sunsets

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September 2015 200


We barely finish dinner of cauliflower and chickpea coconut curry, when you suggest we dash to the beach. The sky, like a southwestern painting of burnt orange and turquoise is obstructed by the stately maple tree in our back yard. Donning my fall jacket for the first time this year, I welcome the brisk, blustery air. My flip flops fight the downhill slope as I clutch our camera in one hand and my hair in the other. Somehow, I am surprised to see the lake lashing on tawny shores, oblivious to the solace of the setting sun. The clouds remind me of pieces of cauliflower we have just consumed, but these are now inked with the inevitable gloaming of day’s end. Still amazed by the infinity of the Great Lakes, you take to the camera, capturing all possible angles. I reminisce of similar spontaneous races to canyons in your enchanted land. Was it just for me? I think not, as I watch you take one last photo of gleaming sands soaking in orange.


Summer embraces fall
Celestial glow unfading
Reflections of love



Written for Haibun Monday, a new addition to the schedule over at dVerse Poet’s Pub. This is my first attempt at writing a haibun, a combination of prose and haiku.


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  1. A lovely haibun capturing the transition of summer to fall and that stunning view of beach with the setting sun~ Fall has also arrived in my city ~

    I specially like:

    The sky, like a southwestern painting of burnt orange and turquoise is obstructed by the stately maple tree in our back yard.

    Thanks for joining us for Haibun Monday and see you on October 6 ~ Have a good week ~

  2. This is wonderful, the image of the clouds, the intimacy and the memories. There is something so special to be at a beach during sunset.

  3. This is beautifully written. One would never guess it was your first haibun! I like your mention of the infinity of the Great Lakes. Agreed…one would almost think one was looking out over the ocean. And the comparison of clouds to cauliflower is excellent!

  4. wHims beauty..
    fall.. spring.. steps
    Nature’s breath
    heAr beats
    eYes sinGinG
    HeArt’s liGht..

    SpiRit RiSing
    soUls US

  5. I love your word play – the gloaming and gleaming transport me to a part of the world I have never seen

  6. You showcase a beautiful description of a sunset on a lake…and one of the Great Lakes too. It must be amazing to be able to visit it so close to your home. A perfectly executed haibun…very enjoyable.

  7. Yes, I feel lucky to live so close to it…just a short walk. Thanks so much for your kind comments. 🙂

  8. Beautiful photo and writing. A lovely share 🙂

  9. A vegetarian curry followed by a walk on the beach sounds like a perfect way to spend an evening. These Great Lakes do convey infinity. I also liked how the stunning photo complements your haibun.

  10. Thanks, it was a nice evening.

  11. Love everything about this!

  12. I am amazed too by the infinity depicted here….it does not look like a lake at all! Your haibun is gorgeous and one would never guess it was your first try—it is lush with rich imagery throughout and evokes, in fullness, the sense of wonder of chasing sunsets that your title suggests.

  13. I love this very much! Partially because we do this too- drop everything and jump in the car to go to the beach at the spur of the moment. There is a certain urgency to this, and those moments, where you just want to experience the grandeur of nature and time in sychronicity, with our loved ones. It is enduring.


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