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Heart like a kick drum solo
Surely they can hear it
Against pin dropping silence
Waiting for my name
The R’s, here we go
Oh no
Stomach churning, wheels turning
Static percussion, blurred
Am I here?
I don’t want to be here
I hate the first day of school

Heart on my sleeve
Some take it, some leave it but
I’m against pin dropping silence
Rise up, be heard
Here we go, let’s go
No no
Won’t fake it, I will make it
Mind enlightened,
Here is all we have
Savoring each breath
Loving each day of life


Written for dVerse Poetics: Back to School

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  1. I love the images you create here. Very nicely done! 🙂

  2. Here is definitely all we have,
    nice transition from taking attendence to that.
    I like to disarm them with silly stories about myself
    before we get there. Actually I did not even take
    attendence by having them say “here”
    we did introductions and i just took it as we went along.

  3. Oh.. my
    goodness.. the
    job of childhood speaks
    trembling into adulthood
    for me.. i always wonder
    when will i learn how to well
    learn speak.. after all.. my mother
    and father do it so fluently.. so well..
    ah.. but they never input like i do.. oh
    to output is more than input before.. smiles..
    and yes.. now i never ever.. no.. ever never shut UP..;)

  4. I like how the bud at last blooms and enjoys..

  5. I admire the use of the heart beat, as drum solo and up in the sleeve ~ You have captured the anxiety filling the first day of school ~ I almost forgot the “Here”, ha ~

  6. This brought me back.. even the letter R made my heart beat like a snare drum.. oh that nervousness, oh that silence. I think we felt the same.

  7. How strange…..reading your description I recalled that first day fear that I always had as a child. I haven’t thought about that in so very many years.

  8. I am afraid this is a ritual that is also a necessary step. It never crossed my mind some kids might dread that moment even if I always ask the students to correct me if I mispronounce their names.


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