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Dog Days

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dog days

Give me those dog days of summer
Hot spells, cotton candy skin
Sweet corn, salt and peppered
Butter dripping down chins

It beats those ice crackling
Snow shoveling minus 20 winds
Show me your plum pickin’
Rib stickin’ watermelon grin

I’ll dip my tutti frutti toes
In nippy waters, shin deep
Sketch my dreams in the sand
Before sailing off to sleep



We are heating it up at dVerse as we write about the dog days of summer.

Toni (Kazensakura) has chosen this hot poetic prompt.

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  1. Yes.. Yes.. Yes.. the hotter the more humid
    the better i like it.. a challenge of living
    is better outside.. inside.. above..
    so below.. and all
    around.. FREE..:)

  2. This is fun! We might as well enjoy the dog days!

  3. I enjoyed the way you expressed this! So many wonderful aspects of summer…I love the image of the buttered corn with butter dripping down chins.

  4. Amazing what you do with words!

  5. I too like the vivid butter dripping image. A friend of mine whose family comes from Algeria once said they always had watermelon after a heavy and spicy couscous dish. It feels so real. It always amazes me how good memories are often associated with food.

  6. This is so much fun to read and you have beautiful visuals …a cool write.

  7. oh i just LOVE the tutti frutti toes… and corn and watermelon….hmmmm

  8. I’m not a big fan of rhyming poetry but this is adorable! So skillfully written.

  9. Love the cadence when I read it aloud ~ Give me hot spells and butter dripping down chins, anytime over winter and shoveling ice 🙂

  10. Cotton candy skin–perfect description. It’s not hot here right now, but you made me feel the discomfort.

  11. Loving the ‘tutti frutti toes’ – I’m imagining every nail painted a different colour 🙂


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