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Blue Eyed Boy Boards a Train

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Blue eyed boy boards a train
For northern lakes
And goodness sakes
For it trickles through his veins

Bending west along prairies
Crystal clear tributaries
Open mind steady
As the rails that carry him

And these winds beckon gently
As his gaze takes him further
Than his blue eyes can see
Past the pine and tamarack

More than transcontinental
This journey, monumental
A junction met
Between roots and risk


Written for dVerse – Open Link Night using Bill’s poetic prompt “All Aboard” where we were asked to write about trains.

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  1. I could really feel that journey that might be perhaps a dream of many boys (or girls). I like thinking of the poem on different levels as well. Your last stanza leaves a mark!

  2. Oh.. the greatest comfort of travel
    for me.. is comfortable
    in my skin..
    for years
    to move
    outside of
    Now no trip
    i fear..
    i live
    A LIFE
    i TRAVEL..:)

  3. wow, this is such a lovable journey. More than transcontinental – I wish I could set out for one.

  4. What a journey, certainly a risk when one leaves our roots ~ I specially like:

    More than transcontinental
    This journey, monumental

    Enjoyed this one ~

  5. Love this line: “A junction met
    Between roots and risk”
    It definitely captures that tension that comes from stepping out of one’s comfort zone for adventure and/or a new life.

  6. Oh, how this made me want to go back to my youth and set out on an adventure. All the excitement, apprehension of starting something new. I did so enjoy this.

  7. This is a piece…it speaks of adventure and risk…and now I want to go board a train! (and yes, I DO have blue eyes!) 🙂

  8. I think it would be pretty amazing to take a train ride – I have been on a few but I have found all of them quite magic. The last line is wonderful and is a poem of its own – between roots and risk.


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