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Pink and Pretty

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Fragile hearts, content

To dangle delicately

Trusting in the mulch

To cushion leaps of faith


Mighty oak throws shadows

Over the pink and pretty

A tantalizing two step

To mock daylight’s dreams


Brave hearts sway

To the pasodoble

Embracing nature’s dance

Oblivious to the darkness


Patti Wolf is our guest blogger for Poetics at dVerse and she has asked us to write a microworld poem, inspired by nature.  The bleeding heart plant in my garden never ceases to amaze me with it’s intricate design.

















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  1. Ohhhh, the last stanza made this my new favorite!!

  2. I admire the nature’s dance specially the pasadoble, oblivious to the darkness ~

    Thanks for joining us and wishing you happy week ~

  3. It is a very beautiful flower, and so cool to that they look like hearts. Seems only right that they dance, as that is often what hearts in love do.

  4. For some reason the flower is called Lieutenant’s Heart in Swedish.. maybe pretty but it wither soon.. but I think it’s and extremely nice flower… and the dance in the last stanza seems to be something for someone very young.


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