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My two a.m. is a darkened cocoon

Where the words and I transform

I am swaddled by the freedom

En-kindled by the darkness

As the keyboard tap dances

Under the moonlight of the monitor

My two a.m. is a borderline I dare to cross

Where night mingles with the day

Random thoughts come out to play

I sit on the edge of my eyelids

Holding them up to the light

And I peacefully fight

Because the winner is always me

Slumber or finished piece


We are incorporating “2 a.m.” into a poem for dVerse this week.




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  1. This is great and I am glad you are always the winner. I do not think I could write at 2 am although sometimes good ideas come at that time.

  2. swaddled by freedom – a nice juxtaposition

  3. Love it–you have a wonderfully extraordinary style. I especially love that darkness en-kindles, and the borderline is entirely safe to cross. Well Done!

  4. Ha. At 2 AM, if I am writing I am scribbling on a piece of paper in the dark because a verse or a story has woken me up. Been a long time since I was intentionally writing at 2 AM.

  5. I have never been up writing for a deadline at 2AM.. Midnight has been the layers I think. Going up early is another thing…

  6. Sit on the edge of eyelids…aah nice!!

  7. it has to be a peaceful fight when the outcome is known & not bad to come out always as a winner 🙂

  8. I love that you came out the winner… just goes to show that the darkness ca nsometimes be of the inner, and we can def win against it!

  9. I like the idea that at 2 a.m. the winner is always YOU. No matter if you sleep or write, you are rewarded by your accomplishments of the night. Really a creative way of looking at 2 a.m.

  10. Oh, I know what you mean. My 2 AM poetry and fiction seems to be so much more powerful–I suspect that things happen in the hours of sleep preceding them.

  11. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade)

    Ha, another night-owl poet! I love, ‘I sit on the edge of my eyelids’. In fact, I know so well everything you describe — though you describe it in such a new, striking way. Thank you for the reminder that either way we are winners! 🙂

  12. How did I miss this? 2 a.m., it all seems so powerful, mysterious…magical.

  13. “peacefully fight” lovely antithesis! And a wonderful response to this prompt!

  14. Glenn Buttkus

    I love your poem, though struggling to connect it to the prosody prompt; maybe just missing your comment RE your form choices. I, too, am naturally a creature that loves to write between the witching hour & the hour of the wolf. I like your lines /as the keyboard dances/under the moonlight of the monitor/.

    • Thank you, Glenn. This one was actually written for Anthony’s “2 am” prompt. I missed the prosody prompt but plan to respond for Open Link Night. Sorry for the confusion. 🙂


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