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Busting Pandora’s Chops

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Let’s throw our hearts in the ring

Because I am standing here at the

End of my pedestal

While you put your crocodile tears

All in one basket

Save some for a crazy day

Sprinkle them into the kool-aid

You so politely asked me to drink

As I choke down my last high horse

Let’s circle back

Nip this bad apple in a nutshell

Cold shoulders are pieces of cake

We can wear spices of life on our sleeves

Build more walls to write on

There are too many elephants

And not enough rooms



We are using, abusing and recycling cliche metaphors, idioms and corporate jargon over at dVerse. I interpreted Bjorn’s challenge of “cathachresis” a little differently and kept this simple and light. 

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  1. Glenn Buttkus

    Perhaps I am the first; cool. You just had fun with this piece–I certainly did while reading it. You nailed the prompt, spewing lovely nonsense into the dVerse winds. I like the line
    /as I choke down my last high horse/.

  2. This is excellent. You really worked the cliches well. I love ‘as I choke down my own high horse.’ And the ending with too many elephants and not enough rooms almost made my side split!

  3. LOVE those closing lines!!!!! Brilliant!

  4. fun – and where does one keep the elephant’s trunk ?

  5. Oh I especially like your closing lines.. could shoulders and those elephants.. wonders.

  6. I think this is my favorite of the dVerse offerings that I’ve read so far. I especially love the line “As I choke down my last high horse.” Also, the line “Nip this bad apple in a nutshell” reminded me of a former co-worker who once said, “We need to nip this in the butt.” When I tried to tell her she got the saying wrong, she refused to believe me. Maybe I should have told her the real saying was “Nip this bad apple in a nutshell.” 😉 Peace, Linda

  7. Too funny…especially your high horse, too many elephants (and Linda’s co-worker) ha!

  8. hypercryptical

    Love it, especially the closing lines.
    Anna :o]

  9. gailatthefarm

    I think this is the best I’ve read today. Wonderful!

    Thanks for visiting.

    This was certainly a fun prompt for me.

  10. My question is – can there really ever be too many elephants? LOL – this is a wonderful poem – love it!

  11. too many elephants, not enough rooms…perfect summary to your very fun poem!


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