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Origin of Me

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October 100



I am from the wings of a dragonfly
The delicate sands of an anthill
Silky threads of milkweed seeds
Opened and tossed to the wind

I am from the roar of a Honda 70
Grasshoppers, gullies and go-carts
Dewey grass on sunburned legs
Arms wrapped around tree trunks

I am from flower power
Hiding in wall flowers
The tickle of rugs in shag
The crumple of paper grocery bags

I am from pumpkin pie with maple syrup
Borsch and crescent moons
Plaid jumpers and pig tails
Tied with purple yarn

I am from the scent of oil pastels
Grandmotherโ€™s charcoal sketches
Minor and major scales of G
Sunday school and follow the rules

I am from frozen toes and toboggans
Snowflakes melting on eyelashes
Hot chocolate steaming
As the porch light flickered

I am from pioneer women of strength
Men who worked the land
Prairies of rippling amber
Gleaming against western skies

I am from the salt of tears
In wounds still open
The pieces that are left
When hearts stop beating

I am from all that I wish not to be
And everything I wish to be me



“Where are you from?” That is the poetic topic at dVerse this week.






29 responses »

  1. I loved this!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh, what amazement and magic here and what heartbreak – The pieces that are left
    When hearts stop beating…and continuing to move forward. Lovely painting of where you are from.

  3. How COOL to be from milkweed silk, crescent moons, charcoal sketches and toboggans ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This was an awesome journey… Many of my own memories and favourites are captured here ๐Ÿ™‚ Your last two lines nailed it.

  5. this is a beautiful dreamland…such an enjoyable and delightful journey..”I am from the salt of tears / In wounds still open” and this makes the pilgrimage of life complete & making one enriched with knowledge…

  6. Oh I just love this. Thank you. The last two lines are perfect

  7. I love how you painted this.. the imagery of milkweed and wings of dragonflies and also tears and disappointment.. we sure are built from complex pieces.

  8. I love this rush of images piled one on top of the other – the beauty and the sadness.

  9. from the wings of a dragonfly… oh what a beautiful image to start with – and love that you weave in the musical scale as well and the honda – a great mix of dreamy and very down to earth images

  10. This is a wonderful portrait of you! Enjoyed all of the details…things I could see, smell, and taste. Enjoyed the roar of the 1970 Honda – I could almost HEAR that roar. I enjoyed the specifics in the first stanzas and the more global/universal in the last two. Yes, sometimes those wounds never heal! Thanks for writing to this prompt.

  11. From happy youth to wounded adult–last two lines result from realistic soul-searching. Beautiful words.

  12. I LOVE this beautifully vivid memory poem, from your glorious opening line to the last. A wonderful look back at the wonderful memories that shape us. You have some very heartwarming ones.

  13. i liked the richness of this – and at the end you declare your own choice in the impact.

  14. I like what you chose to share of your past, and again, as in other poems, noticed the mention of food. I also like how you chose to end your write. ‘I am from the salt of tears / In wounds still open / The pieces that are left / When hearts stop beating.’ These lines are simply amazing. As to your closing lines, they are simply perfect.

  15. cool response to the prompt, and I LOVE the concluding couplet!

  16. so rich and lush with imagery ๐Ÿ™‚


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