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Alternate Route

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NM October 2011 555

I take the scenic route, switchbacks, potholes
Where distance fails me, a few miles short of escape
Yellow lines divide freedom from catastrophes
Blue-grey blankets lie heavy in sapphire skies
Flaxen fields brush stroke my thoughts in gold
As roadside hawks circle to catch winds of grace
I succumb to the art of enlightenment
The blur of mile markers, dilemmas lost in transit




We are writing octets (eight line poems) for dVerse. Some of us incorporated the theme of the road or travel.







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  1. I prefer the scenic route too. Though not direct, it is the most interesting and yields the biggest rewards in the end….

  2. Thanks for a lovely ride down your alternate route…i enjoyed the view!

  3. The last two lines are perfect:

    I succumb to the art of enlightenment
    The blur of mile markers, dilemmas lost in transit

    If I have the time, I prefer the same view too ~

  4. I get this… we are a driving family… and the comfortable silence of companions as the miles drift past is special.

  5. The alternate route is always filled with adventure, interesting sights – You never know what the next curve will reveal. Nice of you to take us with you on this ride!

  6. I love the scenic route, especially with fields and waters.. I love to find good stops along the road too.

  7. IN complex WorldS of WorrieS..
    both illusory and real.. IT is often
    the ‘open highway’ that serves as
    the only introspective time to even
    be ‘me.. Ah.. our ancestors.. those
    wanderers of survival.. at least they
    know what IT IS like to be ‘me’.. in flowNow
    with Nature’s beauty and challenge wOnE..:)

  8. Your route is the best. The scenic route, the one no one has foreseen or planned for you is the one that you should take.

  9. The scenic route taken when one is not rushing is therapeutic indeed. Getting off the usual road can yield wonderful surprises. I enjoyed reading your poem. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Oooh….I love this…there is nothing quite as satisfying to the soul as the scenic route along the open road ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Your descriptions are so good. Love those clouds, and of course, the desert scenery speaks to me.


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