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Driving east from our hometown

I remember a sunset

Blazing behind me

Reds I’d never known

Tangerines twisted

In tones of blue silk

Ivory smiles, infectious

Masquerading as cirrus clouds

I think it was you, my brother

I think it was you


Miles were meaningless

Moments embedded in golden hues

Purple streams extended

Like arms that had my back

I never lost sight of your afterglow

Love as large as the sun

Fades not in distance

Or in hearts

I think it was you, my brother

I think it was you

Grace encouraged us to write about brothers/brotherhood for dVerse poetics.  I lost my only brother suddenly when he was 36.  This was written as I recalled the most amazing sunset, traveling home one day from the small town I grew up in. It just happened to be his birthday.

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  1. What a tribute to your brother.. Such a sunset sondes almost like a greeting from beyond.

  2. You know…..this poem gave me chills. It was absolutely beautiful. I think this poem came from deep within you….as I can FEEL it so very strongly, as I imagine you did when you wrote it. WHEW!!

    • And truly,I am very very sorry for your loss. I hope you see him often in sunsets!

      • Thank you Mary. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. To write directly from the heart and have someone else feel it…wow. I really appreciate that.

        …and yes, I do feel his presence in the sunsets. Thank you so much. 🙂

  3. What an incredible sunset & loving tribute to your brother ~ The refrain is very touching:

    I think it was you, my brother

    I think it was you

  4. I think this is one of the best poem I have read for this prompt. It is truly poignant without being over sentimental. I also wanted to thank you for your kind and heartfelt words on my own poem. After the loss of a sibling things are never quite the same.

    • Your kind comments truly made my day. Thank you, Gabriella.
      It is so true….that things are never the same…the deep loss can form a new perspective on life. I try to live my life for him as well as myself, in a sense….as he was always so full of life.

  5. the closeness shows in your words, that’s very nice.

  6. This is a beautiful poem with which to honor your brother. I experienced something similar recently at a burial. It was a brutally stormy day, but for an instant a red ray of sunshine appeared directly over the grave. Those moments are so comforting.

  7. Ahh, this is lovely. I am so sorry for your loss of him at such a young age–wonderful, though that you had such a loving relationship. This is a beautiful remembrance.

  8. Serene, rich and soulful – I loved your piece. Sorry took longer than I thought to read the posts on this prompt.

  9. I am a firm believer in signs. Beautiful poetry.

  10. a beautiful remembrance of your brother.

  11. Very beautiful. What a lovely tribute.

  12. Shery Alexander Heinis

    Such a lovely ode to your brother.


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