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The Irony

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March 2015 745

I would not have soared
If it were not for you
Finding fault in my feathers
As I flew

Your doubts became my updrafts
Scrutiny sculpted wings
Lifting my heavy heart
To higher ground

I made steps
From your stone grey eyes
And they have served me well
For taking off
Propelling me gently
Into turquoise skies


Inspired by Gabriella’s poetic prompt for dVerse as we reflect on vocations.

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  1. This is exquisitely lovely.

  2. I can relate. I’m glad you found your power πŸ™‚

  3. This was gorgeous! I loved the ultimately triumphant feeling.

  4. That is exactly the right way to react.. show’em they are wrong.. I like the imagery of flying, we need to leave the grey for cerulean skies.

  5. I love the imagery of being propelled into turquoise skies ~ Good for you to have that inspiration ~

  6. A vocation against the odds and prediction is one that was worth pursuing I am sure. I like your poem and the image of soaring (one of my favorite words).

  7. Wonderful to know someone who makes one soar! That person is a keeper.

  8. I agree, exsquisitely lovely.

  9. Finding fault in my feathers as I flew… sigh!

  10. That person is a keeper and true… Those who are real with us are the ones we need, not ass-kissers. Great write!

    • I agree with the second part of your comments for sure, Anthony. I don’t appreciate “ass kissers” at all…and I like to tell it like it is. However, sometimes people can be over scrutinizing. I think we can “fly” if people believe in us too.

  11. This gives the song Wind Beneath my Wings new meaning πŸ™‚ Loved the final stanza and the turquoise skies

  12. Wonderful! Your first stanza really set the pace… “Finding fault in my feathers as I flew…” Simply stunning!

  13. you’ve captured that idea that we rarely understand our limitations – and breaking through them is an emotional step

  14. Criticism…especially when given with care and compassion, can truly be a blessing…especially if you are willing to take it in the manner intended.

  15. This poem soars with insight…and inspiration. Perfect title!

  16. hypercryptical

    Exquisitely lovely indeed. Beautiful inspirational words. I wish I’d wrote it!
    Anna :o]

  17. I felt this. I know this. I’ve lived this. Wonderfully done!


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