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She was not impressed

With knights in armor

Shining or otherwise

Thirteenth century flair

Was lost on her

Yet there he stood

Encapsulated in iron

Pinache of red feathers

Her heart on his sleeve

Jousting for the prize

“I would rather drown in the moat

than watch this barbarian mockery”

She had her own codes

For chivalry and courtly love


Much medieval mayhem in the dVerse Poet’s Pub this week…we are celebrating!

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  1. I guess growing up with values like that would cause some clashes.. Nice thoughts, and I wonder how many turned their back to such “entertainment”

  2. Such a twist in the ending ~ I guess we all have our own “codes” for chivalry and courtly love ~ Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. we all have our own values…and i am sure there were plenty that were offended by the games….i wonder if that would be a very popular stance back then…and if it would have mattered…beyond the one taking the stance…

  4. Somethings.. never change.. not every girl goes for the ‘bad boy’..:)

    Diversity is most lovely as change rules..:)

  5. yeah – i can imagine that some didn’t like this – like i would never watch a bullfight… though i would be deeply touched in a way anyway if someone – you know..

  6. The way you expressed the gap between their clashing set of values made me smile. Not everyone is impressed by iron and red feathers.

  7. SO true!! Thanks, Gabriella. 🙂


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