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So I’ll let you know now

Not that it matters

‘Cuz there’s no stopping this time train

But I just thought you might

Appreciate some tips

Put away these 5 things

Paper money, photographs, a map

Sensitivity and creativity

I suppose I could have 3D projected

This info but I didn’t want to freak you out

Holograms are in these days

Soon you’ll be scanning yourself for disease

They’ll send you the results via…

Yep, you guessed it

Dr. Hologram

And as we battle over nothing in space

I’ll picture you

Sitting by your retro gas fireplace

Natural, of course

Sipping on green tea

We don’t do natural anymore

Take trees for example…

Yes, take a tree

Maybe a small bonsai you can hide

Because you’ll be charged extra just for having one

Advice from the heart…

Don’t let them implant anything in your head

Life was better before becoming an Android

“Look above you- it’s raining
Look around- there’s a flood
Who can say when it started,
but now the ghost is in our blood”



Grace at dVerse has asked us to imagine the future and write a poem or letter to ourselves in the here and now. The last stanza is from a poem by Ben Burke.


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  1. Oh scary.. Pall that cybernetics freak me out. I think I prefer it with trees..

  2. I like the voice you have used here. All this smart technology is just going to make us dumber! Well said.

  3. ScaTy! I understand why the future self would want the present self to be careful and, maybe, get to change their own future –maybe without any implants…

  4. Sensitivity and creativity are great things to hold on to… smiles. Hologram doctors? Just think: being delivered bad news from a lifeless hologram… so cold

  5. Life was better before becoming an Android – that is a frightening image ~

    I will hide a small bonsai now ~ Excellent weaving of Ben’s words in your own ~ thanks for joining in ~

  6. i would def not want to be an android…nor have anything in my head…surely they would be tracking my movements and…ha

  7. This is exactly why I like being in the woods. All of this new technology is more noise in my head, and I’m not convinced it has helped any of us much. I do carry my cell phone out there though (yes, I get a signal in the woodlands) just in case of a copperhead snake bite! This is thoughtful prose… lots to ponder here!

    • I totally agree..sometimes I don’t check my cell phone for a couple days.. As for taking it with me on outings, I could care less really, but then..I’m not walking around snakes too often. 😉

  8. no android future for me – that is scary indeed.. and i am certainly packing up the items on the list no matter what the future holds for us

  9. I love the way you chose to make a list of advice of things, material and immaterial, to keep. You have described a scary future.

  10. Oh my goodness, this is BRILLIANT. And scarily believable. So well done!

  11. putting away Sensitivity and creativity…. that is tough… what the heck is left then…. and no trees anymore… oh heck…

  12. I’m grateful for advances in modern medicine. But sometimes I do wonder – “Where will this all end?” Sensitivity and creativity will at least keep our hearts intact maybe.

  13. my life was better before I became an android too!! 🙂 Great look at a potential future, I would certainly miss the trees!


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