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danny gregory

Image credit: Danny Gregory, Flickr

Pink, so stereotypical

Redundantly feminine

Behind rosy lips

Lies the real venom

Like peonies placed

Gently on worn tables

Dripping on doilies

Twisting on fables

Out of the doghouse

With petals of penitence

Tied in a bow

With ribbons of arrogance

He didn’t mean it

This bouquet will speak

Softly in fuchsia

An offering to the weak


Today at dVerse, Gabriella introduced us to Danny Gregory, who kindly allowed us to use his artwork as a prompt for poetry.

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  1. juliemontgommerynews

    Beautiful water colour and drawing, Did you do?

    • The artwork is credited to Danny Gregory. Lovely, isn’t it? I can only take credit for the poem. Thanks for dropping in. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • juliemontgommerynews

        You’re welcome. The poem is more sinuous in meaning to me. The hidden agenda of pink? The deceitfulness of beauty…? Perhaps it’ll sink in. Thank you however, I love peonies and sweet peas, don’t you?

  2. I read a painful story behind this little bouquet. I like how you have used flowers to tell a story and hope the regrets are real.

  3. “Behind rosy lips lies the real venom.” So often this is so very true. Beauty can disguise lots of things.

  4. ouch…without meaning, the gifts to pacify mean little…
    unless weak, and needing overcome the truth…

  5. The story behind the lines.. like that venom behind rosy lips.. this is one of my favorites from you.. very strong..

  6. I take it that the peonies are an offering, to make amends, sort of, to the weak ~I also like this part:

    Behind rosy lips

    Lies the real venom

  7. Sometimes people see what they want, they believe the symbol of a bouquet though the giver is not honest. I like your poem very much.

  8. Very powerful….the venom behind the lips, the petals of penitence….an offering to the weak. Really well done!

  9. I like how you didn’t go the expected “sweet” route, but dove deeper into the other facets of humanness.

  10. Most interesting and enjoyable, a poem with depth – love it.

  11. Wow, Mish! Great poem that packs a punch. Thank you for shining a light on Domestic Violence.

  12. Shery Alexander Heinis

    This one packs an unexpected punch!


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