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Neox Image Photography Studio

Image: Stardust – Nick Gentry


Time had more space

When one measly megabyte

Was enough

For the techno trivial pursuit

We still had dreams

Sketched in graphite

We searched without engines

For insects and answers

In hideaway places

And sparkly eyed faces

Photos pinned to the corkboard

Notes passed in the schoolyard

And in retrospect

I would not delete a thing



Starting off the New Year at dVerse, Grace shared with us the unique artwork of Nick Gentry as a poetic prompt.








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  1. We have so much more stored… And still don’t delete a thing.,,

  2. Ah.. true.. when the wonder of human imagination is stored instead of processed.. a light of amazement can go off.. a difficult balance it truly is.. at least for now.. today..:)

  3. sigh “We still had dreams

    Sketched in graphite”

  4. Those were the days when searching meant actually looking for them~

    I love your response – I would not delete a thing ~

    Thanks for joining in ~ Happy New Year ~

  5. Felt I was looking in a mirror with that image – wish my body had an off switch like our devices do! 🙂

  6. I wouldn’t delete a thing either! I want to keep / remember it all. I like your take on the prompt.

  7. I like how you mix technology with personal stories. Your poem sent me back a few years, or is it already decades?

  8. I think it is still fun to actually search nature for those creatures, no need for an engine. So much can be captured with our own minds.


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