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Wild Water

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November 016



Don’t ever lose what you came here for

Dreams lost between fingers

Float aimlessly so

Haunting you, taunting you

Forging the flow

Of what you cannot

And what you will sow

Like they know

Hah! Like they know


Don’t ever lose what you came here for

Thoughts and faint hearts

Will easily dissolve

Diluting, polluting

Your streams of resolve

Diverting your course

To bowers and bays

That lead you astray

Hah! Sail away

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  1. Sending good wishes for a wonderful year of peace, health and love in the New Year to come.

  2. I think we are forever trapped between the wish to stay and the urge to leave.. the river pulls you on, and like a sapling’s root you’re clinging to the shore.

  3. Oh yes, we have to continue to sail away, not be deterred. There is strength in this message. Good to remember that one should not lose what one came for!

  4. Ah, playful. I can’t tell if it is challenging the reader to not be distracted, OR that distraction and changes, pollution and dilutions are inevitable and so, just “Sail Away”. OR, is it saying both.
    I will go with BOTH! 🙂

  5. biggerthanalasagna

    I like your use of rhyme and how it seems to echo the urging of the poem to keep your focus. Cool use of form to emphasize subject.

  6. ah – def. – never let go of your dreams… life becomes such a sad pond if we do

  7. Don’t ever lose what you came here for – great advice and warning in this…and likewise, not sure why I haven’t hit the “follow” button on your blog either 🙂 (done!)

  8. Good advice, nicely penned. Peace, Linda

  9. Sail away, I love the positive message of your words ~ Never lose sight of your dreams 🙂

  10. I grew up near a river – I enjoyed this metaphor

  11. “diluting your streams of resolve”—love that and the repetition works so well with this poem and the intentionality of the reminder of it. Just beautiful 🙂

  12. Love this, such a great message and the photograph is glorious! Beautiful!


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