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Breaking Bread Habits

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Pelee Island 452

You sprinkle the flour
Careless chaos across my counter
I want to even it out, but I resist
This is your life now
You knead it


Watching you with motherly eyes
I finally see
That everything you are
Did not originate from this kitchen
And I thank God for that
You’ve moved on from
These minds, crumbled and torn
This table set robotically
With knives scraping on Corelle
Just to break the silence


You twist and turn this art
Into your own
Scoring precisely as planned
Filling the old loaf pan
With new hope, rustic and pure
This bread will leaven
And my heart will rise


Written for dVerse and inspired by Gail’s nurturing poetic prompt using the subject of bread.

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  1. Amazing how we grow as people.. And one day we stand there.. and we realize that not all they know will come from us.. And bread will rise in new and interesting ways.

  2. You have used “bread” in such interesting ways. I especially love the last stanza which is so full of promises.

  3. Three great poems of bread mixed with some philosophy…from a distance, we look at our offspring and can’t quite believe they are capable, that we helped them get there, at least that’s what I get out of these.

  4. Beautiful poetry in all its simplicity and complexity at once.

  5. This was a series of snap shots from the mother’s grateful eyes ~ The use of the bread as a metaphor is beautifully narrated ~ Thanks for sharing ~

  6. Wow, loved this. Letting go of a child-become-almost-adult. Realizing the folly of our own ambitions deceptively disguised as virtue. As real love emerges — that which releases.

  7. I too like the clever metaphorical use of the bread, especially the image of kneading one’s own life.

  8. yeah – they need to find their own ways… that is a cool metaphor…sometimes it’s not easy to let them go but if we do they will find new and fantastic ways…

  9. love the middle part…it makes it very personal..i love the insight into what makes her….
    and dont worry your little touches and ingredients are in there…and they will have them when they need them….smiles.

  10. excellent metaphor – lots of love there.

  11. Great use of metaphor in this one. Enjoyed much.

  12. This bread will leaven
    And my heart will rise

    Love the metaphor there. I am glad you could join in – well done.

  13. Oh….that was wonderful! So true! You have a wonderful gift…to express the ordinary things that aren’t really ordinary at all. I loved your poem and your photograph.


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