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April 2013 010

I thought you were so bubblelicious
But you were nothin’ but a pez head
And I had enough marshmallow moments
Of my own
So I took the rainbow stairs
Because colour makes me happy
I sank deep
Into the cotton candy quicksand
Taking my strawberry toes
Back to earth
Just in time for tea and jelly tots
This poem is crazy
Like the shoestring licorice
That is now catapulting me
Back to chocolate clouds
You know, the ones you always dream of
‘Cuz chocolate’s better than rain
And pain
Is this insane?
Talk me down with sweet pastels
Your convincing candy necklace rope
I’ll kiss your giant wax lips
You can be my lifesaver
In green



 Originally written for Anthony Desmond’s poetic prompt “In a not so Real World”. There is a great sense of freedom when you let down the boundaries of the “norm”, giving free reign to your imagination. It’s Open Link Night at dVerse.

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  1. This is so very creative, fun, energetic, and well-written. You had me completely sold at “But, you were nothin’ but a pez head.”

  2. ha. fun stuff….the pez head and marshmallow moments…both fun…I like how you used the foods in there…in green, of course…smiles.

  3. Hey there Mish, my first tome here, I think? This was a joyful and funsome piece – I especially liked:
    “So I took the rainbow stairs
    Because colour makes me happy…” Made me smile – Thanks… With Best Wishes Scott

  4. This is delightful. I envy people who can write fantasy like that…I have a good imagination but it’s so grounded in reality. Delicious.

    • Thanks Victoria. I think you just have to let go (of the ground)… rules, no logic…it really is a liberating feeling to write this way. I admire your writing. You can do it!! 🙂

  5. I enjoyed the fun and the energy we can feel in your poem, Dawn. And, I agree, chocolate is always better than rain!

  6. Thanks, Gabriella !
    Yes, chocolate tastes better too.
    Great job tending the bar at Open Link. 🙂


  7. Tonight I will dream of chocolate clouds.

  8. Hope your dreams come true. 😉


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