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Song for Aki

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Agawa Canyon, Sault Ste. Marie

Standing atop of Chi Wajiwan
Anishinaabe eyes see what I cannot
Gi za gin, Aki
Gi za gin

From the gigoon in the sea
To the migizi, majestic ruler of the sky
Gi za gin, Aki
Gi za gin

Zhooniyaa is not sacred
Like the giizis and the ahnung
Gi za gin, Aki
Gi za gin

The daywaygan beats
To the rhythm of my deh
Gi za gin, Aki
Gi za gin

Noodin gently rocks
The wiigwaasi-mitigoog
Gi za gin, Aki
Gi za gin

I may be Zhaagnaash
Still the bugwayji calls my name
Gi zi gin, Aki
Gi zi gin


We are dabbling in defamiliarization at dVerse.

I have chosen to incorporate some of the Ojibway language, inspired by the native community that I work in.

The word “Aki” means “Earth”. This is my song to Aki.


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  1. I love the way you mixed in that language.. and that you used it in a refrain. it works very well for me.

  2. This is so beautiful. It was music in my brain, and I felt the earth rise up, the road end before me and I stood before a mountains that was arced with rainbows over waterfalls. Great response to the prompt!

    • Thank you so much, Gay. It quickly evolved into a song (without a tune as of yet). I love that it took you to beautiful places without the translation. 🙂
      Perhaps I will translate it in a future post.

  3. I also thought this worked very well. Very clever. It seemed a little like a shaman (or maybe a slightly tipsy Japanese Zen monk), and yet there was a lovely sound to it all and very original. Thanks. k.

    • Wow…I appreciate your interesting interpretations. I will do a translation in my next post. The native language definitely does not lack in syllables which could make it a little “tipsy”. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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