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Hopeless Buttons

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Over at dVerse Poet’s Pub, Marina Sofia asked us to pull an inanimate object and an emotion out of a hat. The goal is to “write a poem about it, closely observing the humble object of your choice, whilst trying to convey the feeling you’re describing. Without using any abstract nouns (such as love, passion, jealousy etc.)”, to be more descriptive and concrete. This was my attempt at bravely stepping out of the “abstract” comfort zone.


Dust particles play
In sunbeams over dressers
Illuminating perfectly round
Accessories so necessary
For wardrobe function
Swirling marble tones
Vintage and four holed
Waiting for the needle
To sew in rhythmic fashion
With warm hands and purpose

Evening shadows stretch
Not reaching or embracing
Matching miniature moons
Left for days, for years
Identity lost in tangled threads
They will not make it to the shirt
Soft, flannel treasure
Long forgotten and tucked away
Until time and dust
Make camouflage of good intentions


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  1. Time to get sewing? heh-heh πŸ™‚ I like this poem very much, a good interpretation for the prompt.

  2. ”… make camouflage of good intentions … ” The whole poem worked towards this. Loved the exercise.

  3. I enjoyed this reflection on buttons. Always good to save those buttons…as you never know when those ‘good intentions’ will turn into actions. Smiles.

  4. Sounds like my mending basket. Good intentions…..that’s usually all that happened. Your poem made those piles of unmended garments seem OK. Lovely.

  5. the buttons
    never to be needed
    comfort me as they quietly wait
    tucked mindlessly away
    within their little zip-lock bag

  6. I love this. I allow dust to cover my good intentions in ways not just related to buttons. Good write!

  7. Excellent — depth added to the apparently mundane. I will look at buttons differently now.


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