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Dead Man Smoking

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You think you know me

But you don’t know yourself

I am what you will be

When you are me

I am your death wish come true

Your toxic utopia

Reality rotting while

Comforting words echo

Between the pews

I am the joke on you

Smoke on you blues

That you cannot sing

Without a voice

I am the end

To your choice


Today at dVerse, Grace shared the unique poetry of Marvin Bell and then challenged us to write from the perspective of the dead man (or woman)”.

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  1. the end is more than the end…
    the end of choice…because after death
    it’s too late…yikes…warning well received…

  2. Good to see that you have taken the first person narrative style – which is what I thought of doing initially, but later decided to stay with the form. The contrast you build here is so well done.

  3. oh i wish that smokers would take the warnings seriously…my dad was a heavy smoker and died from lung cancer in the end..

  4. Ah there are those choices that are blind alleys.. Leading to the end where choices are no more..

  5. This poem would have been perfect for ArtTopplingTobacco project, here in Australia. It’s an annual competition. 2014 has just finished, but you should keep this aside for 2015.

  6. I am the end

    To your choice

    doesn’t seem like much of a choice, tho, does it? unless it’s by your own hand…
    Great write; thanks for linking up πŸ™‚

  7. Yes.. death.. the basis.. for the reality of no control.. and by the way.. i’ve captured several of those hazy death clouds today and night in photos.. as it one of those nostalgia clouds.. that can be dark for me too.. on much fewer days.. than days of past.. but to remember challenge is to appreciate .. in my best estimation now..

    truly alive..:)in life…and yes.. truly been to..


    other place.. as well..:)

  8. My hubby is still smoking, despite all the nagging and warnings ~ At the end, its really one’s choice isn’t it ~ On the macabre side, now that he is dead, perhaps he can smoke and smoke until his bones wither & turns to dust ~

    Thanks for linking up with D’verse ~

  9. oh those choices that bring about our own demise, cool write.

  10. Very Very Powerful! My nightmare come true, every time I see my father smoking!

  11. “I am your death wish come true.” Very strong message in your poem. I wish the young people who purposely acquired this habit would think ahead to what will eventually be their fate! I visit with an elderly woman in an assisted living home. She now moves around with an oxygen tank….admittedly due to smoking. She said she has warned the smoking young assistants in this home, to no avail….it seems the young never consider their mortality.

    • So true, Mary. I used to be a smoker but a young mother’s story of dying of cancer without ever smoking a cigarette was my inspiration to quit…cold turkey. I just couldn’t imagine my kids losing me because of my own stupidity.

  12. Very powerful lines! Several decades later, I am so glad I never smoked.

  13. we all embrace some destructive habits for comfort – such a paradox

  14. My dad has smoked his entire life and has no plans of quitting. I really wish he would.

    You wrote this very well. Nice job.

  15. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade)

    Succinct and unarguable!

  16. so difficult to quit a habit like this that has become a second nature to some unfortunate beings…a cool write …

  17. I remember the date, time and place where I smoked my last cigarette. A terrible habit, a worse addiction. Good write.


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