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April 13 081


I watched the leaders of my country
Dodge bullets today
Literally, dodge bullets
That was the news
And that’s all it is
Simple violence
Point and shoot
Any coward can do it
But the story is not the news
The story is about a boy
A son, who became a man
A soldier
Corporal Nathan Cirillo
A father, an animal lover
A friend to many
Only 24 years old
The story is about
Hearts ripping, tears flowing
Making sense of inhumanity
Sorrow deeper
Than can be imagined
No, I did not know him
It doesn’t matter
I am a mother
And he was like no other
How do I know?
Just look in his eyes
That is the gift
We have been given
Beautiful soul
One heart in different bodies
One life in different times
One love in different worlds
We are different
Thank God
We are all different



In response to poetics at dVerse…but mostly in response to my aching heart.

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  1. This is beautiful! I heard this at work today and we expected more calls from youths at our helpline. But until your post I had not read any details until I got home. May I reblog this?

  2. You have beautifully spoken the pain we all feel. He was one of ours. May he rest in peace.

  3. Thank you for this beautiful post. My heart aches for this young man & all who loved him.

  4. he could be my boy too…we are all ashamed to see humans(!!!!) stooping so low….

  5. The way you focused on the life and personality of this man – instead of him simply being yet another news article – is great. Such a tragedy and the stories like this increase every day.

  6. If we can just love the difference instead of think we need to hate it.. earth would be a better place.

  7. its really quite sad…that we take life…and for what? a difference? a …i dont know…frustrating…i was watching what was going on between classes yesterday…what is our way beyond….

  8. Peace be with you. Lovely thoughts.

  9. Saw the picture of his two dogs waiting for him to come home and it broke my heart. So many are suffering from this, it’s hard to get your head around.

  10. this is so beautiful and I am touched!

  11. This is so sad and touching! Thanks for sharing it over at dVerse yesterday! Smiles.


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