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It becomes monotonous

Like picking up sticks in the yard

Leaves falling

Right in front of you

Disintegrating dreams

Lie dormant in the compost

You turn them over

Break them down

Doubt their purpose

Throw them back into the dirt

Not even noticing

That this is your soil

The soil that you toil

To plant yourself once again


Inspired by this week’s poetic prompt, “In the Corner of Your Eye” by MarinaSofia.

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  1. Planting, replenishing, reinvigorating. There is a cycle of events here, in life, in seasons…autumn brings out a more introspective poem. Nice read!

  2. Groovy piece. Love- “Disintegrating dreams / Lie dormant in the compost”

  3. a simply great verse here. With autumn being my absolute favorite season, I love and appreciate the colors, leaves & dark afternoons. It’s almost like the start of a new beginning for the trees–being bare and such–it inspires growth from within. To plant myself for the coming year… smiles

  4. things we may ignore….but holds much…!!

  5. Yes. Beautiful. Things are always changing that’s for sure.

  6. Glad you made it! I love the thought of treasures in the humble compost…

  7. Ah lovely. A wonderful metaphor that you’ve used freshly. Thanks. k.

  8. excellent reminder of the cycle of life


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