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Empty Nesting

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September 2014 375


Curried carrot soup in the crock pot

Peach berry crisp bubbling in the oven

This is my morning

Its sixty four degrees and perfect weather

To watch the geese come in

For a spectacular landing over the pond

But that is not where my heart is

I am blind as autumn guides me through

The rituals of raking and baking

Buying squash at the market

Pinching off the mums that are wilting

Because I don’t have enough sun in my yard

I don’t have enough sun in my life

It is all a facade when there are no

Mouths to feed and no laughter kicking

Up the leaves

That was my yesterday

Little jean jackets, mischievous smiles

I brace myself for the cold

That never fails to surprise me

Half way through October

Even though it’s never left

Since you did


September 2014 457



It’s Open Link Night at dVersean opportunity to share anything, but when Marina Sofia mentioned Fall, this one evolved quickly.

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  1. oh without them the world does feel colder…nice slip in there in the end on that…you let us associate with the weather before making it personal…well played…

  2. I love this and your photos are stunning…we are blessed with unusually warm weather yet again for the 5th day, 25C (77F) with a glowing sun, the air is teasing us with missing summer…soon enough but in the meantime enjoying sitting in the park in a T-shirt admiring burst of autumn colours:)

  3. i so feel you… my son moved out a year ago…both daughters a few weeks ago.. it’s great to see how they find their own way but the house is def. ghostly quiet at times… sigh

  4. Ah.. I don’t have any children – but I can so see the change with friends who have children leaving.. Somehow that facade is something that I have seen too.

  5. Wow, so powerful. My kids are very young, but I know I will experience this feeling one day…

    • Yes you will. There are so many positives that go with it, but a major part of the parenting journey is over. Enjoy every moment with your little ones! I find that we keep looking forward to the “next step” in their development but we really need to treasure the “nows”. 🙂

  6. Oh I know what you sometimes feels like it was another world, a century ago. Planning something to look forward to helps, plus being busy. I imagine our grandparents felt the same when our parents moved out on their own..and so on…I still make the traditional soups and special breads but need too invite a friend or neighbor to share them …otherwise it’s feels all the more empty 😉

  7. You have definitely characterized autumn well. And you have me hungry now for curried carrot soup and peach berry crisp. I was finding all of your images right on target, enjoying, and then I came to the ending which took the poem in a different direction. I liked the unexpected ending, as poetry really should have the element of surprise…which yours did!

  8. I like this poem a lot! How you mixed the images of your everyday life with those of the changing outside world and the closing lines which throw a different light on the whole poem.

  9. Thanks so much, Gabriella! 🙂

  10. i never had the joy of having surviving children..but i finally learned i can at least make children happy..and see those mischievous smiles and laughter when i dance freely everywhere i go as a rather FBI looking male instead of laughing clown..

    It is the surprises in life that make it beautiful..and the life and laughter and mischievous smiles of those children must still live in you..if they live in me..

    Never letting the child go inside us..

    Is the answer to never ever growing old..

    As the spirit of the child never must grow old no matter sags or wrinkles of skin that houses..

    THAT GLOW..:) YES..:)! life can be an October or December JOY too! Just dance..and see what happens..if you don’t already do..;)

  11. Thank you misunderstood for for coming by my blog. Autumn is my favorite time of year. And you have created it beautifully. Seasons change. I truly hope that your sadness can change with the seasons.

  12. It is hard at first, but you find, after a while, that they never really leave – they are always present; their presence just changes. Life’s richness is still with you. :^)


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