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Flight Delays

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brooke shaden

Image: Brooke Shaden “waiting to fly”


It is the longing

That shortens our days

Taking trips around the world

In paper planes

Diving perilously over

Our own dark skies

Only to come back empty

Pilot aborted, hope distorted

Deserted dreams repeated

Making over dramatic

Emergency landings

Before take off


Β ~

For dVerse poetics, Grace introduced us to the most amazing, artistic photographer, Brooke Shaden. Her work is truly inspirational as a writing prompt.

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  1. I get this! We cannot spend all of our days longing really. Best they be spent living. And as for one’s dark sides? I am one who likes to focus more on the light, though I know the dark sides do exist in eah of us.

  2. That one that struck for me was making dramatic emergency landings before the take off ~ Aren’t we full of excuses, repeating deserted dreams ~ Yours perfectly complements the surreal imagery ~ Thanks for participating ~

  3. ‘It is the longing ? That shortens our days’ – what a great start! Sometimes it take a while before we are able to take off but this does not mean the flight will be less beautiful.

  4. great write; it certainly is the longing… doing is what makes the hours everlasting. πŸ™‚

  5. Taking trips around the world
    In paper planes… this line πŸ™‚ a cool write.

  6. Perfectly titled, excellently written…you captured this one expertly!

  7. This is a gorgeous response to the prompt!

  8. travel journals
    the dramas

  9. I got it..And so on the money for what we need to focus more on…2 thumbs UP

  10. Very emotive poem and your next post’s photo of the reflection of the tree on water is very beautiful! Thank you! πŸ™‚

  11. When one loses hope it is like end of the world but must rekindle it.

  12. Ah…the waiting…and the landings…
    Good write.

  13. yes we all have to face the reality of our dreams not quite meeting the reality.. there are moments when we need to land softly instead of crashing.

  14. Oh, I could feel this one..the journey to find that place of our dreams..but,then reality comes crashing down on us..perhaps, we need to travel lighter..

  15. interesting piece…are we living in our own denial…chasing excitement to avoid the life…always travelling in someone elses footsteps….

  16. If we only knew the correct direction maybe we all could fly…
    Well done.
    Thanks for coming by.

  17. Your poem says so very much. I really like it.

  18. Making over dramatic
    Emergency landings
    Before take off… yes, brilliant

  19. I like your”Taking trips around the world In paper planes”


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