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On Dead Horse Point

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Indigo on the horizon
Cauliflower clouds
Drawn childlike
Merely touch ups
On this ancient artwork
Like a desert backdrop
I wait for the curtain to fall
To end this dream
And here lies
The beauty of reality
The reality of beauty
Am I afraid to take another step
For fear of falling off this stage?
I am but a spectator
In this production
One descending particle
Over sandstone cliffs
Where wild mustangs roamed


Gabriella joins the team at dVerse and inspired us to write a travel poetry piece.

This view will be forever imprinted in my brain along with the

 Legend of Dead Horse Point.

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  1. I love visiting there! We go down to that part of Utah once a year. It is so beautiful!

  2. “The reality of beauty”

  3. Loved the reality of beauty and beauty of reality…….what a glorious photo up top – is that you? Your writing is very beautiful. Thanks for your visit to my blog. Would love to hear how we share similar stories, do feel welcome to email me at and thanks so much for your visit.

  4. An amazing view to write about.

  5. The beauty of the Southwest is as you say breathtaking.. and to stand there on the precipice you wonder if you ever will be the same again.

  6. This is a beautiful poem for a stunning view. Sometimes we come upon a place that speaks to our souls in a way other places do not and this stays with us forever. I too like ‘The beauty of reality / The reality of beauty’.

  7. The photo you have shared almost takes my breath away, and your poem does it justice. I very much like the beauty of reality and the reality of beauty. We really need to think about those two words are connected. We are all indeed spectators in the play of nature, I think.

  8. oh i just love love love the Cauliflower clouds

  9. I do love that part of the country and your poem brought the beauty of it as alive as did the photo.


  10. Thank you for your kind comments. 🙂

  11. Beautiful! Love the two lines about the beauty of reality and the reality of beauty!

  12. Makes me believe in everything!! Magical.

  13. adoring
    your reflections …
    The beauty of reality
    The reality of beauty


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