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My Lighthouse

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You are my lighthouse

Directing me to shore

When I drift carelessly

In my own waves

Signalling me to safety

My lantern, my love

Wrapping me in safe harbors

To sift through sands

For ancient shells

Emptied of lost moments

Until I find the one

Perfectly pierced

Waiting for a chain

And a reason to be worn


You are my lighthouse

Illuminating my destiny

Through fog and faint heart

Shining on me

Like I am important

My lantern, my love

And there is not a gale

Or storm that could take me

When I have your light

Your beacons of hope

Guiding me back

To shores of solace

Dreams and castles

Still yet to be built



Karin Gustafson  at dVerse Poet’s Pub, challenged us to follow through on metaphors.

“Meeting the Bar” at dVerse





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  1. You are my lighthouse – such a lovely metaphor for the loved one ~ They do symbolize safe harbors and beacon of hope ~

  2. This is such a sweet poem. Thanks for participating. k.

  3. a good statement of love – the lighthouse is a fine metaphor

  4. Lighthouses – a metaphor I love to use myself..

  5. The lighthouse metaphor is a good one! We all need one or more lighthouses in our life to show us the way.

  6. Lovely poem…repetition is like a beacon!
    Reminds me of a song, “My Lighthouse” by Rend Collective –

  7. I love lighthouses so your poem speaks to me. Beautiful and romantic!

  8. A perfect metaphor for trusting love and therefore a beautiful and haunting poem. Beautifully said.

  9. lighthouse metaphor is lovely; such a tender write..

  10. A great metaphor on love… and I love how at the end you hint that there is much more to come!

  11. Hi there!!!! I painted a portrait for a man and his young daughter – they lost their wife/mum earlier this year to cancer. This lighthouse poem was the inspiration!! I’d love to share a photo of the final artwork with you. I’m an Australian portrait artist… If you’d like to see it – check out my Instagram


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