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Logic of Light

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logic of light


She was given the night

To ponder her pain

Soak in the rain

Feel the blade in her back

Evil, she called it

But why would the sun

Rise to the occasion

If there wasn’t one?


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  1. Love your picture with your post. Heard of evil so must have heard of light. Well penned.

  2. What a wonderful way of expressing the passage from darkness into light. Lovely.

  3. yes… a good question for hope… lovely write

  4. the sun has to rise to dispel darkness…beautiful lines..

  5. “She was given the night
    To ponder her pain”
    So true–and by questioning the rising sun you bring affirmation.

  6. like the sun, there’s always light not too far ahead… we have to look for it and not lose hope. Great write

  7. Sometimes one wonders if there are any hope for if the sun doesn’t rise… beautiful.

  8. The sun always rises somewhere, somehow ~ I admire the question at the end, this is food for thought ~

  9. Interesting question you raise! Every day another occasion to give thanks for the light 🙂

  10. orbiting the sun
    questioning our logic
    does the sun really set
    maybe only our view
    from our planetary perspective


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