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50 Things I’ve Learned in 50 Years..#24

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“Reality is sitting in a canyon,  watching the eagles fly.”

for 50 post 24

There is so much noise in this world.

Technology makes so much noise.

People make so much noise.

My mind makes so much noise.

We have dressed up this world so much that sometimes we can’t even see it. As we cover it with technology, politics, materialism, media…egos, we have forgotten about the world in it’s natural state. Within the simplicity of nature, we can find the truth. The truth is spoken in the wind, written in the clouds and carved in the rocks. The truth is lying in the grass and examining one blade… because one blade of grass is a symmetrical masterpiece.

Yeah, I know, I know…we have so much to do. Where would we find the time? The funny thing is, we have created our own complexity. We have built our own obstacles. We can make our lives as simple as we want them to be.

All that we desire and all that we “accomplish” in a day is trivial, compared to the miracles of LIFE.

We just have to clear away the clutter for a moment in order to see it.

We just have to silence the noise in order to hear it.

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  1. Nice blog post. So true. Excuse me now, I have to get going. Things to do…

  2. I am a lover of nature……best in its most natural form. The quiet stills me. Living in the mountains in a little town with a lake I experience tourists fresh from the cities below and minds all whirlygig. Unfortunately they cannot experience the same forest and lake that I do. Their minds are playing heavy metal. I wish they could because it would be so sweet that they would fall inside themselves.

  3. Yes, silence……more silence. Our ears are bombarded daily by traffic noises, people noises, radio and tv noises, etc. etc. etc. Even in my fairly quiet backyard, children’s screaming noises sometimes intrude. On Saturdays, from one to three in the morning, my neighbor’s party noises keep me awake. I sometimes wish I could just pull down a quiet curtain and shut it all out. I would love a very quiet lake to escape to.

  4. I’m a Chicago city girl. Born here, never left. Love the city, love the noise, love the energy, love the people the skyscrapers, love everything about it. Had a lovely cottage in Wisconsin, on a spring fed lake. Never went there. Not ever. Some of us aren’t cut out for country life. There’s room for everyone and I can see life just fine, the planet, as well. I’m born and bred to cut through the noise and find the calmness, even amid the sirens. I LOVE the city. I would die if I had to live somewhere else. That sounds extreme but I just couldn’t live in a town. I can barely stop in a town. I just want to lay down forever, once I’m away from the steel and glass. I need choices…all the time. So, I understand where you’re coming from but I get the same feeling you do, just from a different place:)

  5. That is so interesting! It is amazing how we find solitude in different environments. Perhaps it’s about how we grew up. I spent my childhood playing in a field, building forts, climbing trees. I guess I was destined to go back to that for peace of mind. It’s great that you can find the calmness even in the busiest places. Thanks for your comment! 🙂


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