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Harvesting Dreams

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You wait for things to ripen

Age to perfection

Like some amazing golden moment

That’s only purpose is to shine

So brightly in your eyes it hurts

If only your fantasies were like

Autumn pears

You could squeeze them

Turn them over in your hand

Decide whether or not

You would really want to

Sink your teeth into them


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  1. Waiting for that perfect fruit.. takes a few failed biting until you have that moment of perfection 🙂

  2. ah i would def turn mine over…and make sure its ripe…i think there is wisdom in waiting..
    and for holding out til just the right moment….we just picked pears and made jam
    last weekend…

  3. our moments are like that – we test the heft of them and weigh their worth – the scent of autumn pears clung to my hands after reading your poem- beautiful

  4. I love the metaphoric quality of this beautiful poem and how it progresses from fantasy to a tasty reality.

  5. Thank you, Victoria!! 🙂


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