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The Power of Peace

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September 2011 741


PEACE isn’t merely a word,

A two fingered gesture

Casually tossed

At passers-by

PEACE enters darkness

To separate innocence

From all that destroys

PEACE is a power

Stronger than evil

But much more intelligent

PEACE doesn’t fight

PEACE uses its words,

Its heart, its mind

PEACE takes its time

To think, to listen, to believe

That we are all the same

And those that hate

Need PEACE to guide them

Not guns in their hands

Or more sorrow in their hearts

PEACE is Love

And LOVE is Peace

Hand in hand



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  1. Beautiful message, moving. May peace prevail in our hearts and lives.

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  3. Beautiful powerful piece ‘…peace is love, love is peace’

  4. Reblogged this on theloveculture and commented:
    PEACE takes its time

    To think, to listen, to believe

  5. Thank you for commenting on my blog. Smiles.
    I like this poem very much. The subject is very appropriate for today’s world. The last three lines. Love and peace do indeed work together!!


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