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Image credit: “Breaking Away” by Joel Robison



There is little to lose

Rising above the rain

Stepping over asylums

You built for yourself

Come on up

Strange how it happens

You muster up a strong front

Setting you asail

Over cimmerian shades

To worlds unclouded

Places you know

Inside and out

But have never been


Again I am inspired by the amazing photography of Joel Robison

For dVerse

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  1. stepping over asylums you build for yourself…aint that the truth…and to rise above is def a good thing…as finding worlds beyond our wildest dreams…

  2. Love the picture and the words fit perfectly. 🙂

  3. I would like to go places I have never been like UP ~ I specially love this part:

    Setting you asail

    Over cimmerian shades

    To worlds unclouded

    Thanks for linking up for the second time ~ Have a good week ~

  4. Change and believe are the important part of WILL i see..
    To believe this is IT IT is only illusion..but believe in same
    is insane to without change believe means little2 me!

  5. Oh stepping over those asylums.– sounds like we are our own worst enemy sometimes

  6. “built for yourself”

  7. I love this. So full of defiance to life’s challenges. May we all rise above them.

  8. the first line asserts how important is this journey…there’s no alternative but to rise above…nice thoughtful lines perfect for the image 🙂


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