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Where Earth Meets Sky

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Image credit: Joel Robison


I sit here writing

About the possibilities

The sun setting on the horizon

As if it is so far away

Thinking I have to reach

Dreaming about dreams

When all I have to do

Is believe

That rainbows exist

The earth meets the sky

Thoughts merge with reality

And change is not work

Change is just catching up

To the truth



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  1. all i have to do is believe…so true of many things…
    and love your definition of change there in the end…
    very cool

  2. I really REALLY like the idea of change being just catching up to the truth. I had never thought of change just that way before, but the idea really makes sense. And yes, if we dream that rainbows exist we will find them!

  3. Belief and the journey for Truth are the core of my being..and a journey that never ends..thank you in your words of being..for reminding me of my purpose..once’s never to soon hear it again and again..wherever affirmation..of the core of life..can be found..:)again2…

  4. last two lines

  5. Oh, those last three lines sent a frisson of recognition through me! Beautiful!

  6. Oh, I hope you are right in your last two lines!

  7. Sometimes all we have to do is believe ~ That is a powerful self realization ~ Thanks for joining in ~ Have a good week ~

  8. The summery… we have to believe in change.. the alternative is to sad to even ponder.

  9. Great poem! All we have to do is to believe. So true and yet so hard.

  10. Change is just catching up to the truth. I like that line!

  11. Beautiful. I think that the letting go is the part that is hard until we loosen our grip and give into faith that all there really is … peace and beauty. Yes…..’catching up to the truth.’

  12. I love this. It’s simple yet full of deep thoughts. I guess regardless of what we believe, the truth is the truth and we must change to catch up to it. I enjoyed this poem so much. Thank you.

  13. I really like that simple view as it is so true. Well done.

  14. Believe…..the best way to be the change…this is so powerful and true….

  15. ooh…I really like that ending. I will try to keep that in mind the next time change knocks on my door.


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