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Taming the Tempest

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April 5 074

Her storm gathered strength

Brewing between head and heart

Her mind, a flywheel of thoughts

Spinning relentlessly

Energy wasted on the rain

And the flash floods of her life


She could feel her sun beating

Teasing her reckless thunder

Warming the zephyrs of her past

Taming the tempest

She surrendered to the blue sky

And gathered her fallen branches


At Dverse Poet’s Pub, Claudia challenged us to use bold images and metaphors to create a strong visual impression in our work.

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  1. Oh, this tempest sounds quite familiar. Lovely write.

  2. Just wonderful, mishunderstood 🙂

  3. Very apt, lovely metaphor.

  4. aww…what else she could do…beautifully expressed..

  5. mylittleboxes80


  6. Thanks for stopping by page. I love your poem too, as you used your metaphors very well.

  7. Wonderful, exciting images, beautifully written. ~ Dennis


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