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Let’s decorate the trees with words

The sky with all we feel

Wrap the clouds in

Ribbons of rhyme

No time to waste

This party must go on

Fill my glass with rambled thoughts

And grenadine

Slightly blended please

No distinction or lines

Interpretations are never defined

Inhibitions,  like confetti

Thrown carelessly into the wind

And we’ll laugh….

Because we know

This poetry thing is nothing more

Than everything we are and see

Know and live

Loved and lost

Perceive and paint

From the pallets of our soul


Let’s dance along the moonlit path

Where neurons sparkle endlessly

Lighting the way for

Our wandering minds

To now and then

And why and when

We’ll rig a jig  jig

Stepping to the beat

Of our hearts

Open and wounded

Flowing or frozen

In time

And we’ll laugh….

Because we know

This poetry thing is how we breathe

Or catch our breath

Between the gales that be

Dogmatically chanting

Secretly ranting

A slow release of our minds


Dverse Poet’s Pub is celebrating three years!!  Wooo hooo!!!



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  1. This poetry thing is nothing more
    Than everything we are and see…
    this poetry thing is how we breathe

    yes in many ways it is…or has become such…
    never would have believed that when i started writing it
    5 years ago….but yes it is…

    i like the energy and movement in this…
    and the dance.

    • I wrote poetry in my teens and early twenties, then never again until a few years ago. I am amazed at how it seems to have an energy of it’s own, pushing me along. Not looking forward to any writers blocks because I am enjoying every moment.

      Thank you for your comments, Brian. I always appreciate your feedback. Your knowledge, humor, encouragement and leadership at dVerse are definitely an asset to the Pub! 🙂

  2. My neurons are dancing to the Play of your words..:)!hmm..i’m quite sure an MRI will verifythat2..or whatever that thingy they use measure the energy and flow of my imagination..ALIVE!as i receive your soul…!

  3. Yay! I like this. 🙂

  4. Utterly, breathtakingly FABULOUS! Wow…

  5. Interpretations are never defined–this is a great line, and one of the things I love about poetry! Excellent work here.

  6. how we breathe or catch our breath – love this! wonderful – K

  7. Oh I particularly like these lines – how true!

    This poetry thing is how we breathe
    Or catch our breath

  8. “From the pallets of our soul” Absolutely loved this line, what a great capture.

  9. Just love this…it really touches on how poetry overtakes our lives. And, yes, fill my glass with rambled thoughts–birth poetry!

  10. “Perceive and paint

    From the pallets of our soul” love this part most……

  11. This is the style I’d like to master! Lovely first line and a nice delicate, ‘real’ touch with words – things like adding the grenadine really make the difference.

  12. poetry is definitely how I breathe or what reminds me to do so. this is lovely…I’m ready to decorate…I’m ready to dance…

  13. I like the idea of it reminding us to breathe. Nice!
    Thanks for stopping in to comment. 🙂

  14. Your poem is a true celebration, with movement and appeal to all the senses. Bravo.

  15. this poetry thing is how we true..very beautiful lines..wonderful:)

  16. I LOVE this so very much. It’s wonderful.

  17. aww, I’m glad you liked it. Thank you! 🙂

  18. Shery Alexander Heinis

    Yes, this poetry thing’s got a hold on me, and it doesn’t want to let go! Thanks for sharing and celebrating poetry with fellow poets and poetry lovers!

  19. Love This Poetry Thing. ~ Dennis


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