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50 Things I’ve Learned in 50 Years…#23

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“If you constantly blame others, you will never see your own mistakes.”

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Pretty self explanatory. You’re not perfect. You never will be perfect. You can be 99.9 percent right, but never 100 percent. If you are, then you may have landed here from some unknown planet because this planet, my friends, is full of humans. Humans falter on a regular basis.


Catch those breaths in between.

Look in the mirror. Reflect on your actions.

It might not be pretty, but you will discover something amazing…an enlightenment, so to speak…a realization of your own flaws and blunders.

This can change your life.

Β In every interaction or relationship, we have strengths and weaknesses that come into play. Even if we are “right”, we can present it the wrong way. Presentations are like a land mine of misunderstandings waiting to happen…and in our quest to be heard and understood, we make mistakes. And that isn’t all of it. Sometimes, we really are wrong. We forget or refuse to take the time to look into that crystal clear stream of reality and see our own imperfections.

Enough said.

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  1. Great post – something more of us need to learn and more importantly, teach our children!

  2. A sage post. Love the wader. Animals, birds…..they don’t care to be right. They just act. We invest an awful lot of energy into being right. Really…who cares? And true…if we can step back we can see that everyone else is in the same boat. Then compassion is born.

    • Yes, sometimes we get too hung up on who’s right….and I think our emotions and past experiences often direct us in the way we handle ourselves. If we put jealousy, our egos, and the need to be “right” aside, we would look at things differently. Thanks for your kind comments. πŸ™‚

  3. Love reading your posts, this is sensational! You wrote a solid piece.

  4. Wise woman, indeed πŸ™‚


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