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bleeding hearts


My heart still beats
Though stitched and sewn with
Threads of hope, frayed
Robotically repaired
In rhythmic mode
Patched up places
Where entry wounds gaping
Took hold of every breath

My heart still beats
Tick tock, tock ticking
Pulse belongs to them
Lovingly tended
Far from mended
But they are the blood
The oxygen saving
My life, my soul, my love

~dedicated to my father and my brother~


Today at dVerse Poet’s Pub, Marina Sofia asked us to “consider what does it take to shatter your world and how do you make it whole again”.




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  1. It is odd how most of us, faced with broken or aching hearts, turn out to be much more resilient than we could have ever imagined; but you are bang on that it never is a totally healed organ, or state of emotions; scar tissue remains forever.

  2. This is very moving ~ I don’t know the context but I feel a strong connection like heart beating with someone you love ~

    • Hi Grace…It really is about how my world was shattered by the loss of my dad and then the loss of my brother, both too early in life and how I gathered strength by living FOR them as well as for myself, taking nothing for granted. The title comes mostly from the fact that they both died of heart disease (my brother at 36).
      So yes…there is a connection to their hearts and mine. Thanks for stopping in. 🙂

      • Such terrible losses! I am so sorry. You have written this so well and I love it that you live for them, now. They would want that. I especially like “stitched and sewn with threads of hope”. A beautiful and very moving poem.

  3. Beautiful poem. So sorry for your loss. Your dad and your brother…tough. Hugs

  4. I was a hospice nurse for most of my nursing career. I found poetry and art such a wonderful way to deal with loss–though those wounds do leave scars. So well expressed. And I am sorry for having to lose two such significant people in so short a time.

    • I would think that most hospice nurses are “angels on earth”. It must have been heartbreaking but also an honor to be an important part of the process of dying, death and grief. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  5. So sorry for your losses. What a wonderful thing to say that you are living for them as well as for yourself.

    • It was an easy decision to make that gave me the strength to make some important changes in my own life and for myself in order to truly live. My brother died suddenly and I thought about how he had no choice but I did…I could treasure every moment on this earth if I wanted to..and that’s what I strive to do. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  6. Sorry for your loss, it does seem that the heart is the repository of love.

  7. I am pleased I read your comment above to put this in context as my first thought was of hope and longing. I am sorry for your loss but I see you have been able to garner some strength from out of these tragedies. You have written with great strength and conviction, well done.

  8. A great beat to this poem, simulating the heart. And although it does at times feel like the repairs are robotic, that threads are frayed, I love the way in which you describe yourself as going on, with your father and brother as sources of inspiration. Thank you so much for participating: a lovely poem!

    • Interesting! I did start out with a deliberate rhythm but thought if it goes offbeat….oh well….perhaps a heart murmur.
      Thanks for your comments. I loved the prompt. 🙂

  9. it is tough when the heart of a loved one stops beating and the connection here to your own is felt strongly

  10. heartache for the loss of someone is perhaps worse than any physical pain. Poignant piece!

  11. I think that when our close one’s heart stops beating also a piece of our own is ripped away.. still we have to walk on with the open scars on our heart.

  12. Yes, the weakening and rebuilding somehow makes us stronger. We learn, and we grow. It’s our testament, is it not?

  13. Very emotional piece. Thank you for sharing 🙂


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