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From the Shadows

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I had no wings

Until I soared high

Over the desert

Faith under feathers

Suspended above

Corroding platforms

Of jagged words

Spellbound by what was

And what could be


I had no voice

Until the silence screamed

Above the sound

Of my own heartbeat


Into a million

Tiny fragments

Of fear, recycled


I had no hope

Until it was buried

In early graves

Defective dreams

Petrified particles

Of all that I knew

For in this soil, this pain

Sifted and sorted,

I grew


In dVerse Poet’s Pub, MarinaSofia inspired us to answer questions of our own identity.

1) Who are you and whom do you love?

2) What else are you, that no one has seen before?

3) Describe a morning you woke without fear.

4) What lingers when all is said and done?

 I responded to #3

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  1. the beautiful statement for any of us… I grew

  2. Ugh, the 2nd stanza… especially grabbed me; I deal with stuttering and for years I let it cripple me into barely speaking at all… it wasn’t until the beginning of this year, I realized I had to stop letting it take my life away from me and just speak…. The more I spoke, the less I stuttered… so speaking is like my heartbeat exploding those tiny fragments of fear… smiles

    • Your courage to move forward is inspiring, Anthony. Fear is truly an obstacle, but we can defeat it. Thank you for sharing your story and for stopping in to read and comment.:)

  3. That is what pain does if we don’t allow bitterness – we grow. Very lovely thoughts here.

  4. What a testament of life, living, suffering and growing. Beautiful!!

  5. There is always hope when one yearns to grow…and does.

  6. No words…aching, amazing…powerful.

  7. I really love the conclusion – the way you’ grow through silence pain and ordeals..

  8. I like the use of “spellbound” here…and “petrified particles” and the form you used – ‘I had no wings, I had no voice, I had no hope’…great writing

  9. Beautiful explanation of pain that finally brings serenity. Well-done!

  10. Wonderful, wonderful response to the question. I love the symmetry of the opening verse in each stanza ‘I had no wings… no voice… no hope’ and that great soaring and regrowth or rebirth at the end. Great structure and powerful close!

  11. Beautiful response to your own question.

  12. There’s so much wisdom in this, and so beautifully expressed. I like the way you describe the process of life and growth.

  13. This is beautiful! 🙂

  14. Beautiful…and affirming 🙂

  15. oh hit send to early… wanted to say i especially liked “I had no voice

    Until the silence screamed”

  16. Very nice, new potential rises out of lost opportunities (


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