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Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters (at Sea)

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Thousands of ships sail through the Great Lakes, a major passageway from the U.S. and Canada and a gateway to the rest of the world. Clashing with mother nature’s stormy seas and mazes of ice and rock, these giants along with their crew are forces to be reckoned with. They are hauntingly beautiful to watch on a foggy night and spectacular sights on a sunny day.

Letters adorned on their bow and stern tell of their origin.  Some are quite obvious while others depend on our knowledge of faraway places.


September 2011 567 March 2011 027 July 2011 002 DSCF8916 California 2011 093April 16 17 024 April 16 17 010April 16 17 028September 2011 571 IMAG0710 IMAG0707 DSCF9501DSCF6630 DSCF4315DSCF4303 DSCF1407076



…just in case you were wondering.

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  1. The sight must be tremendous.

  2. We have been fascinated with ships and the men who sail them at least since Homer spun his tales. This is a beautiful set of images that touches that ancient fascination.

    Try this from Raymond Carver

  3. Some of these are huge – and yet elegant in their own way.


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