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Beach Beggar

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California 2014 420


Not afraid to trade

Your hollowed out haven

For a spot by the sea

Salty winds ruffle your coat

Sun dappled and sleek

But you remain passive

Despite your petition for peanuts

Spirit born from these rocks

Is not wavered by the waves

For they are larger than life

Serving only as a backdrop

To your tiny hold on this world

California 2014 414

California 2014 418

California 2014 417


Posted for dVerse Poet’s Pub, in response to “Poetics: Animal Symbolism or Antics”





















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  1. your squirrels look a bit thicker than our grey squirrels…i love watching our squirrels play…never thought of squirrels by the sea though…what a beach house they have eh? smiles…i’m totally a sucker for tossing them extra food…

    • The squirrels that live in my area are bushier…grey or black in colour. These ones freaked me out! There were dozens of them just sunning themselves on a California beach. When I saw peanut shells in the sand, I wished I had brought some too. I found it very strange that they would live in such an open environment.

  2. i like squirrels. they are amusing to watch.

  3. So sweet, this poem, and its “tiny hold on this world.” Loved it. I always love poems that recognize the small critters…..they are so often overlooked..

  4. I’ve never seen squirrels on a beach before… and yes, they seem almost like a blend between grey and red squirrels. ‘your tiny hold on this world’ is rather an affecting line, had me snuffling a little (I often see squashed squirrels by the wayside).

  5. I would venture that they are ground squirrels. They would be living in burroughs under the beach rocks. My mountain is well populated by these little beings.

  6. ah. these squirrels are quite diifferent than the one we have here.. ours are red and have long silky tails… wonderful creatures…

  7. My guess is that these are in NoCal, perhaps near Mendicino? I lived in Half Moon Bay, but never saw them, nor in SoCal where I grew up. I would guess they are near fir trees etc. I like how you used the 2nd person to speak to them…works well.

  8. Like Victoria, I loved your approach. The photos were great, but I had no idea what they were until I read the comments – they don’t look anything like our growing population of chestnut colored squirrels.

  9. Love “petition for peanuts,” especially. We love to feed the critters at Lake Tahoe. Fun to see them by the water. πŸ™‚

  10. Beach squirrels??? I SOOOOOO need to get out more – fun captures and words! πŸ™‚

  11. big smiles
    black squirrel sighting
    with my daughter


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