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Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

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Downtown Toronto skyscrapers

Sky Scraping

If I have to look up to see your grandeur

Then what importance do you hold for me?

Everything essential to my heart and mind

Is in front of me

Yes, I look to the sky, why wouldn’t I?

To the clouds, to the wind

To the spirit within

But not you

You have always been my saboteur

Reminding me of the cold

That paralyzed my plight

Your capital charisma

Does nothing but amuse me

And I will not be impressed

By your obvious stateliness

For success is not dressed

The sun bares the truth

Magnified in your every window

Exposing your hard lines

Disclosing your designs

Of your eyes on the pie

As you scrape at the sky

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  1. Exposing your hard lines
    Disclosing your designs
    Of your eyes on the pie
    As you scrape at the sky

    i’m with you 110% misunderstood,
    i’d rather be on our farm digging in the soil.
    skyscrapers and what they represent, long ago
    lost their appeal. you captured the sentiment perfectly.

    • Thank you. I have deep rooted reasons for these feelings and I thought some day I would let go of them. Not a chance. 🙂

      • yes, so do i. see in your tag that this is a pic of the finical district, i spent 2 years and was on the trading floor of the American Stock Exchange during Black Monday, the crash of ’87. and the when the bankers crashed the economy in ’07, i lost my 2 chef jobs on the same day, snuffing out years of hard work and a promising new career.

        ‘heh, not a chance!’

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