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I cannot sit here

Chained to my ideas

Of where the words go

How the lines should flow

But I do it

I take my manifesto

And blend it into pesto

Stomp on the rules

Like grapes in the vat

Pour the wine

And that is that

Rhyming schemes

Become my scams

Hazing and glazing me

Like a …

Hah! I won’t fall for it

Not this time

Fiddling with phonetics

To get it right

When right is wrong

And black is white

I won’t sit here

Shackled by decree

With no intent to follow


Meeting The Bar: Poetic Movements and Manifestos


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  1. haha…this is just the rebellion i love…stomp on those rules and expectations….smiles. when right is wrong and black is white….smiles…cool manifesto…now i need bread for the pesto…smiles.

  2. I think you just stated all the reasons why – in order to achieve our own unique voices we may have to break some rules, some deadlines, and perhaps a bit of crockery too! Well done!!

  3. manifesto pesto…I wonder what that would taste like? πŸ™‚ Love this poem!!

  4. Poetic justice has been served – love it!

  5. Thank you so much! πŸ™‚

  6. I am all for rebellion, insurrection is good for the soul…thanks for reminding us of that.

  7. Exactly.. Rules and manifestos are there so we cam break the rules

  8. haha… the pesto made me laugh out loud… love your humorous approach her…thanks for the smile and thanks for reminding us

  9. I like the idea of blending the pesto and pouring the wine, both great plans! I also think we should each find our own tune rather than follow rules.

  10. Loved this, I’m into breaking rules.
    Poetry into food and wine, how divine.

  11. And that’s the way to write your poetry! Stomp the rules and do your thing! Fun approach, very enjoyable rant.

  12. aww thanks, Melanie. πŸ™‚


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