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Life’s Door

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Colour draws me in

Lifting my heart to the sky

Through turquoise dreams

And flying machines

Luring me gently to the clouds

Over the rainbow

And back again

I only need to open

This door of hope

Yellow like the sun

Decorated with doves and lace

To remind me of grandmothers’ doilies

And simpler times

I only need to open

This door of endless possibilities

One hand gripping and turning

One heart open and learning

One life in front of me

Inside of me

Around me

I only need to open

This door of life

To find my rainbow

Photo credit: Doors – 2014 Calendar

 Photography by Londie Garcia Padelsky

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  1. Very nice. “One heart open and learning”, yes!

  2. geez, my ‘nana’ always had doilies in her house, she wouldn’t let me touch them! lol
    this is a wonderful poem of simultaneously looking back and ahead at the textures and
    details that is this life. ty for this.

  3. entering
    loving words
    carrying one home

  4. beautiful! love “turquoise dreams”

  5. Thank you, Melanie. 🙂

  6. I would love to live in this house. ~ Dennis


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