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King of Constraint

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California 2014 296

Do not assume my serenity

Strength composed behind these royal jowls

Is easy to unleash

Majestic magnitude I will flippantly flaunt

In your curious face

My capabilities, now subdued

Could easily result in your demise

My eyes hide secrets

To what lies within this gallant heart

Softened only by the breeze

Sweeping through golden tufts

The sun kindling my soul

And the mere fact that I am not free

 DVerse Poet’s Pub~Open Link Night

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  1. Beautiful poem to accompany the photo.

  2. What a beautiful portrait of the lion in dappled shade. I love your words exploring his power and presence:-)

  3. They can seem so benign, even though we know that it is deceptive.

  4. Beautiful piece! I like how the closing line makes us reconsider the whole poem. Great photo too!

  5. Beautiful words and picture ~ That that last line, that I am not free, a powerful close ~ It could be referring to us too ~ Cool to know that you live in Ontario as well ~

  6. I really think it’s sad to keep a majestetic beast like that constrained

    • Me too. They claim to provide a natural environment, but “natural” would mean no captivity. He is supposed to represent his species as an ambassador. Not sure what I think of that. Thanks for dropping in.:)

  7. Although they may be well fed and well taken care of, and safe from trophy hunters, I always felt sad to see such a magnificent animal confined in a zoo.

    “My eyes hide secrets

    To what lies within this gallant heart”


  8. Love the alliteration…”Majestic magnitude I will flippantly flaunt” 🙂

  9. Oh yes, I had the exact same reaction when I visited a zoo (my first in a long, long time) last year and saw lions and tigers in captivity. Well penned!


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