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50 Things I’ve Learned in 50 Years…#21

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21. “Give me ten crying babies…please….but don’t ask me to do a jigsaw puzzle,  or any  other tedious task requiring patience and hand eye coordination. I will probably throw it at you.”



I work with babies.

I work with babies all day.

I work with babies all day, five days a week.

Do I have your attention?

Diapers, rocking chairs, plugs from heaven, pacifiers, air-borne food, catnaps, fevers…I’ve only just begun.

BUT…or shall I say BUTT…

I love it.

Babies are the epitome of life. Think about it.

YOUTH.  INNOCENCE.  ENERGY.  OPEN MINDS…little blank slates ready to absorb the world around them.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Despite the necessary acrobatic skills required to care for six infants at the same time (with one co-worker),  I feel I am blessed every day to have the opportunity to nurture, educate and care for these bundles of wonder. Yes, I said educate.

The screaming crying does not bother me.

Do you know what agitates me?

Threading a needle, figuring out the “features” on my car stereo, untangling Christmas lights or…

Trying to text more than two words on my cell phone without back spacing.


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  1. Congrats on the 50 years! What shall you be doing the next 50?

    • Hi Professor, I originally wrote these “50 posts” a couple years ago, but wanted to share them on my blog. All I can say is that I find more joy in small things than I ever did before. It’s all about slowing down to appreciate them. The “bucket list” is important too…and includes seeing humpback whales, the Northern Lights and meeting a little girl that I sponsor through World Vision. Thanks for stopping in to read. 🙂

  2. These enlightened steps you have taken in this first fifty would no doubt support you in the next….

    I can also sense the strong ’emotional quotient’ that you possess. How could you use this possession to support other folks?


    • Thank you for your insightful comments. When you use the word “emotional”, I would have to agree that most of what I write comes from an emotional source. As far as supporting other folks….hmmm…my hope would be that others can relate in some ways to my experiences, life lessons, feelings or reflections. Becoming enlightened is a gradual process and I know I still have a long way to go. I feel that I do share some of these “enlightened steps” with others, but their minds must be open to receive. Thank you for challenging my thoughts and goals. 🙂


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