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Taken by Storm

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 ice storm 017

Winter waves its arms

Blowing white smoke

Outside my door

Rattling the latch

As we batten down the hatch

Snow squalls

Life stalls

Tires spin tales

Of neglected snow shovels

Underestimated forecasts

And unhelpful neighbours


Winter smirks as you

Predictably marvel

At what you’ve seen

 So many times

Muddled and mystified by

Sparkling glaze

Blinding haze

Shadows sprawled

Over welcoming, white canvass

Trees bound and burdened

With nature’s business

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. Im glad to have found yours; this poem and photo are just gorgeous.
    I see you are in Canada. Im in the UK. My daughter has just returned from visiting her friend in Toronto. She actually took part in the New Year’s Eve midnight 5k run. Her fingers swelled up and were very sore; we are not used to those temperatures, and since she arrived home I believe Canada temps got even lower.
    I just love this photograph! I wish I had discovered photography before; I have become interested in it a little too late, though I try my best but MS has taken a lot of strength from my hands. What I do love is taking close ups of flowers and last summer got a few good shots of bees and butterflies but its all on autofocus, I cant so more than that. it keeps me going though 😊

  2. It did get even colder in that area of Ontario….so cold that they closed down schools for fear of those children who walk to school, getting frostbite.. I have never seen that happen before. As far as “Canada” temperatures, that would be like saying ” U.S.A.” temperatures…I need to do a post about that issue. 🙂 No offense intended, but it really does depend on where you are in this huge country. A 5 k run sounds a little chilly these days though.

    Thanks so much for your comments. I admire your determination in blogging and photography despite your hardships with such a debilitating disease.
    And hey…..I’m almost always on auto focus!!
    Looking forward to following your blog. 🙂


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