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For Granted

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San Albino Church, Old Mesilla Village, Las Cruces, New Mexico

If all is well

Do we pray?

Praise the spirit

We so openly honor

Find the time

That we have been gifted

To thank, to touch


If all is well

Do we stay?

In the moment

That speaks to us clearly

Hold it close

As the last it may be

For joy, for hope


If all is well

Do we know?

Pain and suffering

Swirling beneath jaded hearts

Eyes of steel

Secretly begging

For comfort, for love


 If all is well

Do we bow down?

To our maker

Fathom our fragility

Bold yet brittle

Filter fabrication

Into purity and grace

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  1. Love the photo and your words ♡

  2. Indeed – It’s far easier to remember to pray when life is on the skids than when everything is coming up roses time after time. Great blot post.

  3. Your irony speaks strongly here! Well done. K.

  4. solid truth behind this….we often cry out when we are in trouble…but then when all is well we forget our source of power….

  5. beautiful image & thoughtful piece. thank you for sharing!


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