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Pondering on Pumpkins

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I can buy a pumpkin. That part is easy.

I can choose one that is unique. I don’t want to conform to the assumed traditional, triangular eyed, orange globe. It needs to be oblong, out of whack and downright crooked. It has to leave me wondering where to begin with the knife.

I can scoop out the insides, although I am allergic. With speckled hands I can continue pulling out the slimy innards and dangling seeds. All for the love of a pumpkin. All for the display.  After all, everyone expects it to be gutted and transformed. Every little ghoul and “too old for trick or treating” fool needs to be beckoned by it’s beauty.

If you carve it, they will come.

I can place it in that perfect spot on my porch where everyone will see it and admire it…on top of the rusting, old fashioned milk churn.

I could do that or I could open my mind to more possibilities.

It’s just a pumpkin.

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  1. I bought a pie pumpkin for a science project for my preschoolers. LOL! I could not get it cut open the day we were to “dissect” it. Brought it back home and baked it . . . now slightly burnt, we will be unable to taste it (an added bonus I thought is why I bought a pie pumpkin). At least once the seeds dry we will be able to glue a seed collage!

    • Yes! There is always something to teach them…even from our mishaps. I cut open a mini pumpkin (gourd) to show the babies at work….it was fun but of course I had to make sure they didn’t eat the seeds.
      I like how you didn’t give up on finding a learning experience from your little pumpkin.
      Enjoy your collage or roast them! 🙂

  2. Until I read your post, my daughter was the only person I know who is allergic to pumpkin innards. She has to let her husband carve the pumpkin. I don’t carve mine. They just sit on the front porch looking much like yours by the milk jug, which by the way, looks wonderful!


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