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You are only gone

If I forget you

That could never happen

My brother, my friend

For memories, like oxygen

Breathe life again

Inhaling your laughter

Exhaling joy

You are only gone

If I let you go

But I don’t have to

Because flashbacks kindle the fire

Igniting hope

Warming my heart

And if my heart is warm

Then you are too.


In memory of my brother

who can still make me smile today.

~Oct. 28, 2000~

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  1. My heart goes out to you. Wonderful that you have so many smiles to keep you company and his memory alive….

  2. Beautiful! Love ya

  3. it is great to have those memories to keep us warm and keep them alive in our thoughts and hearts…losing family is hard…

    hey did you mean to leave a link at dverse? saw your comment but no link….

  4. a lovely tribute to your brother…

  5. I’m so sorry for you loss. This is a beautiful piece.

  6. poignant lovely tribute to your brother. ~jackie~

  7. oh this is tough… i love that he’s still so close though and that he can still make you smiles…made me smile as well

  8. Sorry about your brother, so hard. We never forget those that we lost, we love them forever.


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