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October 210


You must walk on

Through reeds

That sway sweetly

In silence

Because silence is the word

Telling you to move forward

Speaking to your mind

Comforting your soul

Picking up your feet

Along the trail of truce

Even if it only leads

Back to your own heart


for dVerse Poet’s Pub, Open Link Night

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  1. *~*~*LoveByChe~*~*

    Truly that is exactly where we need to be led πŸ™‚ So beautiful!

  2. great closing line….and i like that silence is the word calling you forward….the trail of truce to your own heart takes the cake though…smiles.

  3. sometimes
    I need the silence
    to finally hear
    my voice

  4. Very nice. I forget about the calming affect of silence way too often. This is a great reminder. πŸ™‚

  5. silence can pack some powerful words.

  6. misundertood, ty for leading my way here to this beautiful poem and photography of yours. i have been practicing ‘silence’ lately, to shut out the world, to listen to my heart, to be still and this poem resonated so deeply. this line especially;

    ‘Along the trail of truce’

  7. I love the photo you chose to pair with it. It’s the perfect foil to your piece.

  8. lovely and wise. thank you.

  9. What a wonderful reminder that silence has to be the beacon to follow… wonderful

  10. Those are some of my favorite wetland grasses – they just move so wonderfully! And this is an amazing piece! Well done!

  11. This is beautiful, and understands that solitude is a healthy, much-needed time, away from all that distracts.


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